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Google is projecting the site to 7,, sessions this year, which is not bad. Arland was recording himself in order to avoid a potential diplomatic incident. The camera was primarily focused on him. Tell me you are not going to pull them aside at some point and try to warn them that they might be taken advantage of. In conclusion, please stop worrying about how long it will be etc. This is for fun. Have fun with it. Oh and we are disabling the comment follow plugin. The wave of complaints we got over it is overwhelming, because people end up with messages in their email box.

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I am just thankful you guys did this.

Also I love Kate and Curran but Maud Island Arland and Helen will give them a run for their money I am checking every day for a new chapter I have even gotten my daughter and friends to read it and now they call asking when is the new chapter. I am definitely in the BDH. I will buy this when you put it on amazon. I feel like it is important to pay you even though you are generous enough to post it for free. I am enjoying this more than a book that I can read on m own. I am savoring it more.

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The higher price for a full length novel will be gratefully paid. Also, this looks like it will have more romance….

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I liked Dina but Love Maud! Would love a series set in the Anocracy with Maud, Arland and Helen. Although the romance is good, I do love a book with real plot and exciting characters actually doing something other than bedroom activities for several pages.

Flame & Frost Chronicles: Chapter 2

I love the Innkeeper Chronicles and I am hoping that however the next novella s and book s are published, they have lots of color graphics, and are available in both e-versions and hardbacks or trade paperbacks. That said, however, although I have a copy of Volume One, the hardback collected edition, and all three e-books, I recently looked up on Amazon the price and availability of Volume One now. There were only two used books available.


Of course my lead to these novels was via The Edge series and Kate Daniels. Both series are such wonderful complete worlds with rich characters and interesting story lines. I am eagerly awaiting Maud.

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Please oh please keep up the work. Whatever you put up for sale I will be an eager buyer. Never think of doing this.

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I think it isuch better to have authors who are functioning humans who have time to eat, sleep, have some down time, etc. I also love your other books, so I understand giving them time too. I am grateful for your talent and that you share it with us. And I will buy it at whatever cost.

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Just keep writing. Ilona, here goes…. I never want them to end. I just love the heck out of your writing style and descriptions ,there are lots of authors I can not get into …to much sex, I am not a prude but some authors just get a little to vested in turged members …. He watched the side winder missile crash in to the building…. His reflections on how to nourish the imagination of children in an age of screens are excellent.

Until we get to God. The upending of the normal order of things in the Incarnation, the concept of the greatest becoming least, life trumping death on the cross… all this radically changed the kind of stories we tell in the west, for the better. Charles Day.

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James Kirkup. Ross Clark. Robert Peston. James Forsyth. Brendan O'Neill. Isabel Hardman. Sam Leith. Rupert Darwall. Steven Fielding. Emily Rhodes. Kate Womersley. But if you lose God, you lose the greatest drama of all Melanie McDonagh. The hero, Malcolm Polstead, is the only child of an innkeeper — that timeless calling — and the inn was an old stone-built rambling comfortable sort of place. Most Popular Read Recent Read. Brexiteers should cheer the Supreme Court James Kirkup.

The Supreme Court has put MPs in charge. What will they do now? The Supreme Court rules that parliament has not been prorogued James Forsyth. Is this the beginning of the end for Jeremy Corbyn? What to read next. The best new children's books Melanie McDonagh. The best children's books for Christmas Melanie McDonagh. Sinister summer reading for children Melanie McDonagh.

What could resist the Red Guards?