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This is an absolutely wonderful course! I had made prior attempts to learn about QM without success. The video lectures, interactive simulations, amazing real experiment videos, and even the practice questions all contributed to my learning experience.

Just carefully focused, and very accessible. And, best of all, Professor Freericks is extremely active in the discussion forum, answering questions and offering expert guidance. I think it is the best course or at least one of the best course I've enrolled in It is my 10 th.

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Quantum mechanics is not the easiest subject and I am astonished by the quality of the presentation. From my point of view I can only imagine the amount of work involved to present "as simply as possible" the different subjects and to animate either phenomenon, principles, examples This is what I call "a clean" course. Teacher respect students, he does not try to show off, he does not make you feel like an "ignoramus". The levels of the "Practice questions" are on par with the presented subject.

I have not looked in the final exam questions. I would recommend this course to any aspiring physicist or interested person. It truly was an incredibly beneficial experience. As a Turkish high school student willing to be a physicist, this course masterfully taught the foundation of my future studies. It is very apparent from every aspect of the course that a lot of hard work was invested in its creation. From simulations to lectures, questions to further readings every material is thought-provoking, exciting, and uniquely presented.

This course should be obligatory education in high school and any support in helping create similar courses in the future is extremely well-deserved. I thank all who have contributed to this project. The course is extremely well thought, the instructor manages to make hard concepts easy to understand, and the most amazing thing is that he always replies to students in forums, and within a few hours or days.

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If a student struggles with a topic, the instructor manages to explain it in another way, and possibly yet another one, till everyone really gets a grasp. It's simply amazing. You can see the impact of the course from the discussions that arise on the forums: not just requests for help and clarification, but also advanced questions that goes beyond the scope of the course and even proposals for new experiments and ways to advance the field. The course is wonderful. The course requires a certain willpower to continue after starting but the course content is so wonderfully designed that it treats the exact next thoughts that occur naturally after reading or doing an experiment.

The simulations are also wonderfully designed.

Quantum Physics and Mechanics | edX

And Prof. Freericks has given simple explanation without dumbing anything down. That is not so easy to do but he has done exactly that. I am very grateful to him for creating this awesome course. When I understood something I literally jumped up and down with excitement. The course is very good in every aspect. Students just need to be patient as the course explains everything in great details through the videos, reading notes, questions and the computer based tutorials.

The computer based tutorials are excellent as it shows complicated concepts visually and in a simulation manner through a step by step approach. I highly recommend this excellent course for everyone who is interested in this subject. I look forward to more in-depth courses from the professor and the development team. Thank you very much. This is an amazing course. Besides the obvious fact that the topic is very interesting, the course is very well conducted. The course has online simulations that let you play in the 'quantum world' from your chair while having a cup of coffee and thinking about what all this means.

Further, the instructor is very active in the forum this does not happen very often in online courses. I would add that the course offers the right combination of reading, watching lectures and interacting with simulations. Highly recommended!!! I am a physician, not a physicist, and I find this course amazing.

Without much maths, I managed to follow this course, completed all the quizzes and exercises and passed the final exams. The various concepts of quantum mechanics were explained brilliantly. The videos explaining those concepts were brilliant. Exelent Course The instructor, James Freericks and his team prepared a very great course.

Its a hard subject and Freericks divided the subject to just enough bits to make sure that everything is understood. The interactive tutorials and practice questions helped a great deal. This course might the the best option out there to start learning Quantum Mechanics other then actually studying at a University. Cannot wait the sequel.

Thank you very much for all the effort that has been put in the class. Fabulous course! I'm a professional in an unrelated field, but for years I've wanted to learn more about quantum mechanics.

Quantum physics

In the past, the materials I've found have been either too superficial, or I didn't have the math background to follow them. This course turned that around! Professor Freericks has designed a course that is both challenging and accessible -- with work! I came away with a better understanding of the quantum world, and a desire to take more of his courses. Excellent course.

From Eternity to Here – Quantum (Chap. 11)

Complex topics explained in simple, easy to follow manner. The simulations were a perfect way to complement the lectures and written explanations. My formal education was completed over 35 years ago and I now take the free courses available via edX as brain exercises. This is the best course ever for that purpose. I hope the follow-on course will be available soon; I am looking forward to it. The web apps used Stern Gerlach analyser, The probability calculator are awesome and provide a reality to the theory.

I have studies quantum mechanics as a student and it all starts with the schrodinger equation and goes on to build more abstract concept which one can not question initially.

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