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To top it off, sexy cop Zack Warren is certain that the very same man Lucy is trying to wash right out of her hair is the same Bradley he wants to arrest for embezzlement. When someone shoots at her and then her car blows up, Zack decides she needs twenty-four-hour police protection. Next thing Lucy knows, Zack has moved in to her big Victorian house, making them both sleepless.

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Synopsis About this title A rollicking contemporary romance follows Lucy Savage as she goes up against her cheating ex-husband, recovers from a horrid dye job that has left her hair green, and joins forces with sexy cop Zack Warren when someone tries to kill her. All rights reserved.

No matter how good it would have felt. She went over and sat down on the bench. She liked it. Tina always did have the best ideas. At Harvey's Diner? A new job? That's it. I'm changing.

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And people. You'll feel better. Then Zack slammed Jerry down on the f loor. Anthony rolled to his feet to help. Lucy leaned forward to put her chin in her hand so she could prete Buy New Learn more about this copy.